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The Rising Entrepreneur's Guide to Going Global from Anywhere

Are you ready to take your product or business into the global marketplace? This PDF guide from Case Lane and Ready Entrepreneur provides crucial factors for new entrepreneurs to remember when going global.

Here are some of the factors you'll find in the guide:

Use Differences

Embrace the uniqueness you have to offer to the global marketplace. Stereotypes are not always a bad thing if you can be tasteful, fun and informative along the way. If your business is uniquely your culture, you can promote that fact in the global marketplace. 

Embrace Similarities

In a global world, we have more in common than you might think. Besides sports and entertainment which have led the unity of the world's people, consider the common historical and political foundations upon which many countries were built.

Add visual images

Humans have always used visual images to communicate their stories, histories and important knowledge. Now more than ever you have an opportunity to show your product or service through photos and videos. The world reacts to a picture that resonates.

Be affordable

If your product or service is adaptable to a mass audience, you may have multiple opportunities to lower costs and increase your customer base by being the affordable option in the marketplace.

Be expensive 

The global middle class is rapidly growing. Besides consumer goods, people are searching for valuable information, education, self-improvement and business development tools. Price for the value your product offers to the full market of available consumers.


Go and have a look at the world you want to serve by delivering outstanding value with a desirable product or service. Travel is one of the best ways to undertand your market and improve your offering.

You Might Be Wondering...

Who even made this guide?

Global from Your Backyard is a free PDF guide from Ready Entrepreneur. Ready Entrepreneur helps wantepreneurs become entrepreneurs by focusing on finding the confidence, time, and money to get started on launching a business.

Ready Entrepreneur believes in using globalization and technology as an advantage in building businesses for the 21st century economy.

Do I have to read this whole thing?

The guide is a resource for you to better understand how to approach the global marketplace and be successful as an entrepreneur.

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We’re glad you asked! You sure can. Just click this link right here, and enter your email address. You can download the PDF guide, print it, share it, and read it at your leisure.

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