Freedom, Satisfaction, Security – Do you like those words?

Three Reasons Why You Should Get your Business out of your Head and into the World

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” That is a line credited to motivational speaker Jim Rohn who basically said that given the law of averages – any given situation would be the average of all outcomes. When it comes to personal relationships is his pronouncement a harsh or valid view of your friends, family and co-workers?

When people who succeed make a move towards their goals, they inevitably pull away from those who are holding them back. They seek out people who are more like them, high achievers who set goals and work to pursue them. They try to avoid spending more time with people who are bringing them down.

The law of averages basically means given many, many trials of the same thing, the results pretty much even out over time. If you take this definition into personal relationships, you could interpret the idea as meaning when you are working with large numbers, if you do what everyone around you is doing, you are likely to end up just like them. But if you want to break away, you have to push yourself to find the people who are where you want to be.

Most people who decide to break away are looking at three great reasons for doing so – Satisfaction, Security and Freedom. Three popular words associated with having your own business.

If you have business ideas in your head, or have ever wanted to own your own business, you are probably seeking professional satisfaction, financial security and lifestyle freedom. Those are three of the important reasons to be your own boss.

Professional Satisfaction

Having professional satisfaction means you are doing the work you really want to do. Whether you are creating online, or working with your hands, or running a restaurant – every day presents new and exciting challenges that propel you forward. Instead of the space you are in with work you no longer enjoy, you get up feeling ready to learn and contribute to your own enterprise. The results double back to you.

Many people are dissatisfied with the daily grind of their jobs. When you have your own business, every minute is dedicated to your own advancement. All of the business activities, benefit you, and your goals, dreams and objectives. Instead of satisfying someone else’s work agenda, you dedicate your time to your own. The result is the difference between being fulfillment and hollowness.

Financial Security

Many people want their own business to ensure control of their finances. When you first start a business, the goal may be difficult to achieve because you are investing directly in setting up your enterprise. But financial security is not only about having a million dollars in the bank.

Financial security also means knowing if you will have one dollar in the bank. When you work for someone else, you typically have no insight into whether or not you will have a job the next day. People are often surprised by layoff notices, and they are unaware of the true financial state of the company. You are basing your activities – family vacation, education fund, retirement – on decisions that will be made by others without consulting you. If you ran your own business, you would make all those decisions yourself.

Of course, running your own business can also be financially insecure because you take on increased risk. But again you would be aware of those risks and can predict and plan for them. Risks you can see are certainly better than ones that come up and surprise you later. And when you own the business, those risks rapidly turn into rewards that change your life forever.

Lifestyle Freedom

The greatest benefit to running your own business is the freedom to manage your own lifestyle. Do you have to go to the doctor? Just go.

Do you want to do your holiday shopping on a Tuesday afternoon? Do it.

Do you want to take your summer vacation in April? Enjoy.

All the decisions that are currently dictated to you by someone else’s rules disappear when you have your own business.

You too could have a specific work timetable, if you were in charge of the schedule in the first place.

Satisfaction, Security, Freedom

Starting your own business helps you achieve the satisfaction, security and freedom you are looking for. If the idea of starting your own business has already been in your head, it’s time to take action and begin to build towards your controlled future.

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