Avoiding a Wantrepreneur’s Fear of Mistakes

Many aspiring entrepreneurs say they are afraid of doing something wrong with the business. With all the risk inherent in starting a business, with the huge investment of time and money, new entrepreneurs are terrified of errors.

Well as everyone who goes through the wonderful process of starting their own business will tell you – you will make mistakes. In fact, mistakes are important. Because fixing mistakes becomes business experience, and the more you learn the better you will be. Ready Entrepreneur approaches business building by actually having you start the business – at least on paper or virtually – by creating a vision of your successful business, and then making decisions leading to the vision. But you will have no idea which variables will be a factor on the day you go live or open your doors to the customers. So you are more likely than not going to experience challenges with all the possibilities you could not predict.

Don’t worry about the issues you did not or could have known. You will be able to work through all disruptions and solve the problems that arise. And even if you can’t, you will learn valuable lessons to help you the next time.

Avoid letting the idea of mistakes get to you, and stay focused on the goal you want to achieve – building your own successful business.

Here is a mistakes to avoid list from Inc magazine and another from Entrepreneur.  At Ready Entrepreneur, we try to address all these issues up front, so any mistakes you find may be coming from the variables no one could predict.

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